Sunday, May 10, 2015

The year of change and new hats

Hello beautiful Internet!

Brunhildegard the mannequin here!

 I'm very excited to report that not ONLY did I receive a new letter in the mail, but it seems I've got an admirer! If I could blush, I would. Instead I shall stare into the cosmos with my gorgeous glassy eyes and dream of running wild, holding hands and sailing to the moon in a hot air balloon. 

I thought I'd share with all of you what I wrote in Lydia's new snailmail newsletter.

For those of you who GOT a snailmail newsletter, you have already seen this.
For those of you who didn't get one, it either got lost in the mail or you didn't sign up for one!

Here we go!

"Hello Friends. Brunhildegard here. You know, the mannequin that lives in Lydia's studio?
Well, let me report to you the goings on of late, as least from my perspective.
Lydia has been pacing about the studio now for days, muttering excitedly and shaking her fists in the air... and occasionally hopping up and down as she slings paint onto various papers and boards. I think she's on the verge of discovery. I've caught pieces of conversation from her phone calls. Phrases that I hear most often are 'weaving my own universe' and 'the year of change' Is she going crazy? I don't think so. I've begun to notice strange things in the studio, particularly during twilight hours when the orange sun is streaming horizontally through the dusty factory windows. I have doubts about my sight, but I may have noticed the shadows of masked figures, other than my own, and I hear whisperings. Lydia seems to be listening to these voices too - when I get that tingling sense that there is something else besides us in the room, she stares intensely into the far distance, her glassy eyes as
unmoving as mine... and moments after she attacks her artwork with new vigor.

Anyway, I'd also like to report that I have a new hat. At least, a temporary new hat. Its actually part of an artwork she made recently - a woven nest to hold a little figurine; A sad little girl who has no name, but she looks like a miniature Lydia. I have yet to learn her secrets, but I'm slowly gaining her confidence. She's getting close to telling me her story.

And what about you? I get my nourishment by your attentions, and I still would love to receive snail mail. Who wouldn't want to write to a mannequin? I'm not much of a traveler, so I must live vicariously through the stories of others. Feel free to ask me questions about my own life, and the studio here. I know all the dead moths names by heart, and each of the paint colors in Lydia's paint cart. There is much more life and wonder in this little space than one would imagine. By the way, the teeny-tiny red ants all say 'hi'... all in unison. It was sorta creepy.

Alas, that is all I have time for. (ok, I lie, but I really should stop right there.)
Thank you for reading. Enjoy your spring and have adventures!
Your faithful mannequin friend,

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