Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gifts, Memories, and Aspirations

Hello every body out there in living internet land!

Life in the art studio is far from eventless. Today Lydia brought me gifts!

The first is a beautiful butterfly pin, a gift for me from Stephany G. I chatted with her at the openhouse in April. We spoke about our favorite colors and she told me about her pets. I love the pin! I had it put on the leaf growing out of my head. Isn't it fabulous?
She also gave Lydia a wondrous collection of beads that she is EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT.

The second gift is a framed photograph Lydia found for me at Days of the Dead! Created by her booth neighbor "Rachel Black" -  here is her etsy site.
Wow. I am super excited about this photo. I want to see MORE MANNEQUIN ART! What beautiful ladies, what amazing expressions! Reminds me of my early days back at the factory!! Oh, those were the days! Fresh uncracked bodies, the camaraderie of the crowd, our first attempts at telepathy.... I wonder what happened to my other first friends at the factory. Where are they now? Most of them are too old to be a part of modern department stores... I hope some of them have found their way into the home of interesting people who enjoy their company! If any mannequins are reading this post, send me a photo of yourselves!

I wish I could have gone to the event. It sounded amazing. If any of Lydia's film-maker or photographer friends want to put me in a movie or use me for a photoshoot, I'm very interested! I'm not the best actress, but I can hold VERY STILL, and I've won every single staring contest ever initiated with me. I have many secret talents.

I have only seen the artist briefly when she unloaded the car today, but I did catch a few ramblings: She really wants to work on a new full color brain candy book. You can bet your bright bonnet I'll help her out with that! I've been featured in at least one of her other books, if not 2.
She's also trying to brainstorm ways to make her 'un-predictable' artist nature work for her financially. I suggest she just keep making things daily and spend less time online. I spend all day in my own head. If I had a means to write the stories in my imagination, I'd be 1000 books in. Well, I DO have a means to write now. Hurrah for technology and the love of an artist to bring me to life, eh? I might need to read the Velveteen Rabbit again....

Well, thats all for now my friends.
Don't forget, write to me via Lydia at the studio if you can!
Brunhildegard c/o Lydia Burris
212 West 10th Street,
suite A-250
Indianapolis, IN 46202

OH ... By the way... Lydia performed mild superglue surgery on my fingers. They are once again whole! (At least the fingers I still have.) Thank you all for your concerns and well wishes!

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