Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Big Studio Event

Hello Everybody! 
Its me, Brunhildegard, you know... the Mannequin!

I think I've finally recovered from the Stutz Openhouse. I had so much fun! (And the studio is CLEAN again, I have no complaints there!!) There is a flower in my head for the special occasion. Aren't I pretty?
Lydia is also excited. She revealed the first batch of her new 'Darkness Dreaming' bags and patches and connected with many friends.

What a wonderful chance to meet and greet with so many real people. And of course, I *LOVE* the attention. Some people are frightened by me, but some I really identify with. There was a rather cute little gal who I had a great conversation with. I hope she writes me a letter.

If any of you have photos of me from the event, can you please post them here or send them to me?

Lydia was working on a portrait of me (or rather, portraits!), but it wasn't finished in time. Hopefully she will be soon, so I can share it with all of you! Here is a sneak peek:

Oh, good news! My friend the sun king baby found his new family! A cool lady named Gretta visited before the event and squealed with delight as they fell in awe of each other. She took him home that Saturday night. Sun King Baby will get to be a guardian of a new life too. How exciting! His tummy butterfly is all a-flutter.

Well, that is all for now friends. Please come see me in the studio sometime. And as I always say, write me a letter, because who doesn't want to write a letter to a mannequin!
The address is on my website: http://lydiaburris.com/brunhildegard.html

(SPEAKING OF LETTERS!! Don't let me forget to tell you in my next post about the huge batch of snail mail letters Lydia and I sent out!!)

Much Love to you all!

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