Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My First Letter and Blog!

Greetings Friends! Brunhildegard here! I don't know if you remember me or if you are a newcomer to my blog, but I am the mannequin that lives in the studio of Lydia Burris. 

I recently sent out a blind request for letters. I sometimes get lonely in the studio and felt the need to reach out to strange creatives who like the idea of writing to a mannequin, and possibly receive a response.

Today I received my VERY FIRST LETTER, and I am so very excited!
I decided to celebrate this first step by starting this blog! :) :)
I was going to hijack Lydia's blog, but ... her's is all dark and flamy. I like the look of this one better!

Here you can see me with this letter, ALL THE WAY FROM CALIFORNIA!!
There was no return address... a *MYSTERY!* Oh La La.

I really like the sticker on the back.

It says

"Take Time to Dream".

How appropriate.

 Lydia happened to be in the studio as well,  and helped me look at the beautiful letter inside.

Look at the picture below:

I am in *love* with the sunset design.

This reminds me... I recently watched an episode of the Twilight Zone, about department store mannequins who took turns vacationing in the real world as a real person for one month. If the right magic happens, and I'm ever able to travel, I want to visit a beach, somewhere sunny.

By the way, the episode was Season 1 episode 34 "The After Hours"

A fortune cookie statement "Next full Moon Brings an ENCHANTED EVENING", a blessing for my holidays and a card to a publishing site.
Oh I'm already feeling Rapturous Joy at this delivery!!!
I plan to write back. Oh joy! 

I took a look at their website, and I love their statement about being an "avant-garde underground publishing industry" I am all about the Avant-Garde baby! CHARGE AHEAD DARLINGS!
Take a look at their website:  http://smashed-rat-on-press.com 

I took a look at their catalog, and think I would enjoy the book "GrønthildÃ¥" !! 
Also, "Diane at Fifteen" looks interesting.  I am a fan of intimate ghost stories. They are almost as good as living mannequin stories!!

Well, there you have it my dears. My first letter. I've been noticed, it can only avalanche from here on out. Perhaps you should also send me a letter! If so, Please send it to Lydia's public studio address:
1125 E. Brookside Ave.
Suite S09
Indianapolis, IN 46202 

And, just for the sake of redundancy, here's my website with as much information: 

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