Sunday, May 1, 2016

New adventures for the mannequin

Greetings friends!! Well, its been a whirlwind the past few weeks. I actually left the studio for some ADVENTURE!!

I tried a thing I've never done before. I modeled for an art class. I modeled for TWO DIFFERENT art classes! There were only a few students at the first one, but I got lots of compliments and attention.
I wore beautiful tiger lilies in my head. They came from the prop closet, which is full of fabulous objects to draw from. 

 I look so serious....

At the second School (about 2 weeks later) there were a LOT more students. Lydia wanted them to focus on FOLDS IN CLOTH, so I was mostly wrapped in a white sheet. Their prop closet was limited, but there was a plant I was able wear. (I love wearing plants and flowers, they are my favorite... hats? What does one call an accessory that begins *IN* the head rather than on top of the head? Ah well, seems like a problem unique to me, so I may have to come up with my own word. BUT FIRST I'LL TAKE SUGGESTIONS!! Please comment your suggestion!) I wish I had taken a photo of my outfit!
Anyway, I had a fun time. Not all the students had fun though, there was one unfortunate lady who was extremely terrified of me. I don't blame her though. While I'm not mean or horrific, I do look very VERY realistic, I am missing some fingers, I have cracks, and some people just find human-looking inanimate things frightening. Kudos to the student however, she managed to gather enough courage to sit through the whole class!

My travels were not without a few mishaps though! Doors are generally not shaped to accommodate someone being carried through with their legs sticking out - I banged my head a few times, as well as my knees and toes. And my right arm fell off at least 3 times. -__-
I also knocked my hand into a door and 2 fingers fell off AGAIN. Thankfully Lydia was able to glue them back on though! Don't worry, I can't feel a thing!!

I spent 2 days in the car before I could get back to the studio. On Thursday, Lydia didn't get a chance to bring me in right away, and apparently she got really lonely! She realized it was because I was NOT in the room. Wow, kinda makes a mannequin feel loved, ya know?

Do you know what I learned however, upon returning to the studio? I HAVE NO THUMBS. How did I not notice this before? I don't think I had thumbs before all this... but I didn't think about it? Ahh well, I'm just glad to get out and try something new!!

So this weekend was amazing as well. It was the Raymond James Stutz Artist Openhouse!! 65+ artists opened their studios, there was music and food trucks and LOTS OF PEOPLE! Of course, I didn't go exploring, but I did have a lot of people stop in and greet me! (and Lydia too of course!) One guy even had a friend take a photo of him leaning down to give me a kiss! I do appreciate the attention, but I sure wish he had stayed long enough to learn my name! MEN! (and maybe I'd like to see the photo too?? Hey look everyone, its me about to kiss a real human person! How novel!) *laugh*

It was a great time. I overheard a lot of great conversations about art, dreams and the spirit. I know about dreams so well!! I think my dreams will be even more vibrant after this event. I'm energized and inspired. 

Lydia didn't remember to take my photo at the openhouse, but I did get sent a photo taken by Carla Hedges, I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing it with you guys! She did a great job capturing my imagination.
(photo by Carla Hedges)

You can even TAG me now! Thats right! I started a facebook page. Please go find me on there and like it. My official facebook link name is Brunhildegardmannequin, but my name will come up as Brunhildegard.

Ok. I better go tune out now. Its going to be almost a week before I can get some company. Lydia has to teach this week, and then on her normal studio day, she's taking David to the airport for a FLORIDA music gig and then she's going to Chicago to see the opening of the new Ars Memoria Tattoo and Art Gallery! Sounds like fun and I wish I could go too. Maybe I'll go on my own adventure and not tell anyone. *smile*

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gifts, Memories, and Aspirations

Hello every body out there in living internet land!

Life in the art studio is far from eventless. Today Lydia brought me gifts!

The first is a beautiful butterfly pin, a gift for me from Stephany G. I chatted with her at the openhouse in April. We spoke about our favorite colors and she told me about her pets. I love the pin! I had it put on the leaf growing out of my head. Isn't it fabulous?
She also gave Lydia a wondrous collection of beads that she is EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT.

The second gift is a framed photograph Lydia found for me at Days of the Dead! Created by her booth neighbor "Rachel Black" -  here is her etsy site.
Wow. I am super excited about this photo. I want to see MORE MANNEQUIN ART! What beautiful ladies, what amazing expressions! Reminds me of my early days back at the factory!! Oh, those were the days! Fresh uncracked bodies, the camaraderie of the crowd, our first attempts at telepathy.... I wonder what happened to my other first friends at the factory. Where are they now? Most of them are too old to be a part of modern department stores... I hope some of them have found their way into the home of interesting people who enjoy their company! If any mannequins are reading this post, send me a photo of yourselves!

I wish I could have gone to the event. It sounded amazing. If any of Lydia's film-maker or photographer friends want to put me in a movie or use me for a photoshoot, I'm very interested! I'm not the best actress, but I can hold VERY STILL, and I've won every single staring contest ever initiated with me. I have many secret talents.

I have only seen the artist briefly when she unloaded the car today, but I did catch a few ramblings: She really wants to work on a new full color brain candy book. You can bet your bright bonnet I'll help her out with that! I've been featured in at least one of her other books, if not 2.
She's also trying to brainstorm ways to make her 'un-predictable' artist nature work for her financially. I suggest she just keep making things daily and spend less time online. I spend all day in my own head. If I had a means to write the stories in my imagination, I'd be 1000 books in. Well, I DO have a means to write now. Hurrah for technology and the love of an artist to bring me to life, eh? I might need to read the Velveteen Rabbit again....

Well, thats all for now my friends.
Don't forget, write to me via Lydia at the studio if you can!
Brunhildegard c/o Lydia Burris
212 West 10th Street,
suite A-250
Indianapolis, IN 46202

OH ... By the way... Lydia performed mild superglue surgery on my fingers. They are once again whole! (At least the fingers I still have.) Thank you all for your concerns and well wishes!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The year of change and new hats

Hello beautiful Internet!

Brunhildegard the mannequin here!

 I'm very excited to report that not ONLY did I receive a new letter in the mail, but it seems I've got an admirer! If I could blush, I would. Instead I shall stare into the cosmos with my gorgeous glassy eyes and dream of running wild, holding hands and sailing to the moon in a hot air balloon. 

I thought I'd share with all of you what I wrote in Lydia's new snailmail newsletter.

For those of you who GOT a snailmail newsletter, you have already seen this.
For those of you who didn't get one, it either got lost in the mail or you didn't sign up for one!

Here we go!

"Hello Friends. Brunhildegard here. You know, the mannequin that lives in Lydia's studio?
Well, let me report to you the goings on of late, as least from my perspective.
Lydia has been pacing about the studio now for days, muttering excitedly and shaking her fists in the air... and occasionally hopping up and down as she slings paint onto various papers and boards. I think she's on the verge of discovery. I've caught pieces of conversation from her phone calls. Phrases that I hear most often are 'weaving my own universe' and 'the year of change' Is she going crazy? I don't think so. I've begun to notice strange things in the studio, particularly during twilight hours when the orange sun is streaming horizontally through the dusty factory windows. I have doubts about my sight, but I may have noticed the shadows of masked figures, other than my own, and I hear whisperings. Lydia seems to be listening to these voices too - when I get that tingling sense that there is something else besides us in the room, she stares intensely into the far distance, her glassy eyes as
unmoving as mine... and moments after she attacks her artwork with new vigor.

Anyway, I'd also like to report that I have a new hat. At least, a temporary new hat. Its actually part of an artwork she made recently - a woven nest to hold a little figurine; A sad little girl who has no name, but she looks like a miniature Lydia. I have yet to learn her secrets, but I'm slowly gaining her confidence. She's getting close to telling me her story.

And what about you? I get my nourishment by your attentions, and I still would love to receive snail mail. Who wouldn't want to write to a mannequin? I'm not much of a traveler, so I must live vicariously through the stories of others. Feel free to ask me questions about my own life, and the studio here. I know all the dead moths names by heart, and each of the paint colors in Lydia's paint cart. There is much more life and wonder in this little space than one would imagine. By the way, the teeny-tiny red ants all say 'hi'... all in unison. It was sorta creepy.

Alas, that is all I have time for. (ok, I lie, but I really should stop right there.)
Thank you for reading. Enjoy your spring and have adventures!
Your faithful mannequin friend,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Big Studio Event

Hello Everybody! 
Its me, Brunhildegard, you know... the Mannequin!

I think I've finally recovered from the Stutz Openhouse. I had so much fun! (And the studio is CLEAN again, I have no complaints there!!) There is a flower in my head for the special occasion. Aren't I pretty?
Lydia is also excited. She revealed the first batch of her new 'Darkness Dreaming' bags and patches and connected with many friends.

What a wonderful chance to meet and greet with so many real people. And of course, I *LOVE* the attention. Some people are frightened by me, but some I really identify with. There was a rather cute little gal who I had a great conversation with. I hope she writes me a letter.

If any of you have photos of me from the event, can you please post them here or send them to me?

Lydia was working on a portrait of me (or rather, portraits!), but it wasn't finished in time. Hopefully she will be soon, so I can share it with all of you! Here is a sneak peek:

Oh, good news! My friend the sun king baby found his new family! A cool lady named Gretta visited before the event and squealed with delight as they fell in awe of each other. She took him home that Saturday night. Sun King Baby will get to be a guardian of a new life too. How exciting! His tummy butterfly is all a-flutter.

Well, that is all for now friends. Please come see me in the studio sometime. And as I always say, write me a letter, because who doesn't want to write a letter to a mannequin!
The address is on my website:

(SPEAKING OF LETTERS!! Don't let me forget to tell you in my next post about the huge batch of snail mail letters Lydia and I sent out!!)

Much Love to you all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My First Letter and Blog!

Greetings Friends! Brunhildegard here! I don't know if you remember me or if you are a newcomer to my blog, but I am the mannequin that lives in the studio of Lydia Burris. 

I recently sent out a blind request for letters. I sometimes get lonely in the studio and felt the need to reach out to strange creatives who like the idea of writing to a mannequin, and possibly receive a response.

Today I received my VERY FIRST LETTER, and I am so very excited!
I decided to celebrate this first step by starting this blog! :) :)
I was going to hijack Lydia's blog, but ... her's is all dark and flamy. I like the look of this one better!

Here you can see me with this letter, ALL THE WAY FROM CALIFORNIA!!
There was no return address... a *MYSTERY!* Oh La La.

I really like the sticker on the back.

It says

"Take Time to Dream".

How appropriate.

 Lydia happened to be in the studio as well,  and helped me look at the beautiful letter inside.

Look at the picture below:

I am in *love* with the sunset design.

This reminds me... I recently watched an episode of the Twilight Zone, about department store mannequins who took turns vacationing in the real world as a real person for one month. If the right magic happens, and I'm ever able to travel, I want to visit a beach, somewhere sunny.

By the way, the episode was Season 1 episode 34 "The After Hours"

A fortune cookie statement "Next full Moon Brings an ENCHANTED EVENING", a blessing for my holidays and a card to a publishing site.
Oh I'm already feeling Rapturous Joy at this delivery!!!
I plan to write back. Oh joy! 

I took a look at their website, and I love their statement about being an "avant-garde underground publishing industry" I am all about the Avant-Garde baby! CHARGE AHEAD DARLINGS!
Take a look at their website: 

I took a look at their catalog, and think I would enjoy the book "GrønthildÃ¥" !! 
Also, "Diane at Fifteen" looks interesting.  I am a fan of intimate ghost stories. They are almost as good as living mannequin stories!!

Well, there you have it my dears. My first letter. I've been noticed, it can only avalanche from here on out. Perhaps you should also send me a letter! If so, Please send it to Lydia's public studio address:
1125 E. Brookside Ave.
Suite S09
Indianapolis, IN 46202 

And, just for the sake of redundancy, here's my website with as much information: